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​英国料理研究家 鈴木 綾夏

  • 2016年より料理教室「AyakaCooks.」主宰 / オンラインレッスンの詳細はこちらから。

  • Food & Prop Stylist & Production Designer at MaG (

  • オレンジページが主催するコトラボ阿佐谷専属講師

  • WMFなどメーカー向けレシピ考案

  • SNSサイト”おうちごはん” にて、連載「おうちde英国ごはん」を執筆

British Cuisine Researcher Ayaka Suzuki/ Owner of cooking class, “AyakaCooks.” since 2016.

  • Teaches at “Coto Lab Asagaya”, sponsored by the cooking magazine, “Orange Page”

  • Food & Prop Stylist & Production Designer at MaG (

  • Click here for more details about the lessons at “AyakaCooks.”

  • Creates recipies for manufacturers like WFM

  • Writing article series, “Ouchi de Eikoku Gohan (British Cuisine at Home)” on SNS website, “Ouchi Gohan” 

Client / クライアント

IKEA, Kiri, BAKE, ELLE gourmet, gelato pique, GREE, KAI, Meiji, UNIQLO, Trenders, TOTO, WMF,   etc.


ヴァイオリンを学ぶために15歳で単身渡英。 ロンドンをはじめとしてヨーロッパ各国に滞在し、多彩なヨーロッパの食文化に触れたことで、食の楽しさ、美味しさに目覚め、料理の世界に。







 Ayaka moved to the UK alone when she was 15 years old, to study violin. She stayed in London as well as other cities in Europe.

 By experiencing various food culture, she found the joy in food and cooking and from that, she has decided to move forward with cooking.
Her favourite place in Europe is London, UK.

London is a melting pot of cultures, where so many people from all over the globe come and share their cultures.

 Similar to the Japanese youngsters, Londoners are very good at taking in various cultures, including food, and morphing it to fit their taste.

 Their adaptation of different cuisines such as, French, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Italian are great.

Ayaka hopes to share the food she encountered and enjoyed in London, from traditional British sweets like carrot cake and scone to modern British cuisine with exotic twists!

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